10 Celebrities Who Love Playing Video Games

Fun experiences facilitated by modern computers, consoles, and mobiles are simply mind-blowing and extremely immersive. One can walk in the shoes of magical creatures, superheroes, and brave warriors while sitting in front of a screen from the comfort of their home. It is no wonder that there are billions of people around the world who greatly enjoy playing video games, and some of these individuals are quite famous. Here is a list of the most die-hard celebrity gamers.

Elon Musk

Everyone’s beloved entrepreneur and visionary is not squeamish about favorite pastime activities of us mortals. Perhaps, it comes as no surprise that Musk’s primary gaming choices include titles like Mass Effect, Deus Ex, and BioShock, whose settings and plots fully befit the billionaire’s interests.


The best rapper of all time (prove us wrong in the comments) is no stranger to good fun, even if it implies spending hours pressing buttons and clicking a mouse. Although nowadays Drake mostly spins roulette on Twitch, he is also into shooters. In fact, he is so enamored with Fortnite that he plays it in his recording studio.

Henry Cavill

A man who starred as the iconic Geralt of Rivia simply has no right to refrain from playing games. Henry Cavill is an avid enjoyer of RPGs, so his go-to title is World of Warcraft. Still, he also mentioned that when preparing for his role in the Witcher show, he extensively played the original game.

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is definitely one of the most ardent gamers on this list. She once reported having a cold turkey after stopping playing WoW. These days she prefers to relax by killing enemies in Call of Duty, so it’s possible that some of you may have had a face-off with the major star in CoD.

Vin Diesel

As Vin Diesel once said, “Family is the people who are ready to join your lobby on short notice,” and we couldn’t agree more. Yet, the most amazing fact about Vin’s gaming preferences is that he is a fan of Dungeon and Dragons, which is quite astonishing given the title’s reputation as a nerd magnet.

Jack Black

Can you think of another person who is a rock star, renowned actor, and gamer rolled into one? It seems Jack Black is the only such individual on the planet. You can actually see some of Jack Black’s gaming videos on.

Terry Crews

Terry Crews dispels the notion that gaming is reserved for freaks and geeks. One of the sexiest men alive and an award-winning actor even has his own built for him. Terry says that he decided to begin exploring the world of games as a way to bond with his son.

Zac Efron

Zac Efron is among Hollywood’s most passionate gamers. Over the years, Zac has tried dozens of different titles, including At some point, he even participated in a show to promote one of the Halo installments.

Daniel Craig

Who knew that Mr. Bond likes to spend weekends with a controller in his hands? Daniel Craig says that before jumping into the gameplay, he makes sure to remove all distractors and mute his phone, so no one disturbs him.

Megan Fox

It turns out that some actresses and models also find it entertaining to spend time in virtual worlds and environments. Megan Fox goes for Mortal Kombat and claims that she’s great at it because her brain perfectly syncs up with the game, letting her press the right buttons at the right time.


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