5 Surprising Ways Games Can Be Good for You

Humans have been playing games since time immemorial. Games such as chess are thousands of years old, while hide-and-seek was, with a great certainty, played by Neanderthals. It is simply in our nature to enjoy this kind of pastime. Advancements in computer technology have brought us the concept of electronic games, which today dominate the entertainment industry and top the lists of recreational activities of millions of people worldwide. Yet, despite them being fun, such games are often associated with having a negative impact on people’s mind and body.

Well, allow us to beg to differ. We believe that games can actually be good for you. Here are the top 5 positive effects of electronic games.

They improve psychological well-being

Whenever people try to disparage video games, they instantly choose to go with the worst argument of all time: that games promote violence. Although this theory has been many times, some continue to believe it. Yet, in reality, games do the opposite since they possess the capacity to help individuals restore their mental balance and enhance their well-being. By playing their favorite titles, people relax and let go of excessive pressure and stress. As a result, after spending an hour-session in a shooter, they may feel refreshed

They make you stronger physically

Modern technology lets us combine entertainment and healthy activities. This is why we have seen such rapid growth in the exergames segment over the past several years. Titles belonging to this subgroup include Just Dance, Wii Fit, and Beat Saber. All of them provide players with a fun way to get moving, burn calories, and feel a sense of accomplishment on both physical and mental levels.

They boost cognitive abilities

It is no surprise that spending hours on solving a challenge nurtures your intellectual progress. The current gaming industry offers a host of titles that can easily give your brain a stretch or two. For instance, try building a country with a thriving economy in Sid Meier’s Civilization at the Deity level of difficulty. If you succeed, you will deserve to be given a PhD in management. So, games can really test your intelligence and provide you with opportunities to develop it further.

They foster social interactions

Games, especially cooperative ones, let users discover new friends and, thus, make up for the lack of communication in real life. For some people, games are the only place where they can find someone to talk to without being judged or given cold treatment. Nothing brings people together more than long hours of trying to kill a top boss or going on a mission to remove some ruthless dictator of a fictional country.

They have an anti-aging effect

There is a trillion-dollar industry, encouraging people to purchase expensive snake oil to slow down aging. But it seems that all this time, the solution to the problem of this natural problem could be found in games. has shown that playing video games can prevent cognitive impairment and even Alzheimer’s disease. By allocating some time to solving puzzles or playing logic titles every day, you can protect your brain functioning from going south quickly when you grow older.


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