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At SergisDAO, we value and cherish every member of our community and especially those people who contribute their efforts to our continuous growth. This is why we always make sure to reward them with both recognition and tangible benefits such as cryptocurrency.

Meet Paras (CryptoZinc#2223 on Discord), a talented crypto enthusiast, who hit the ground running after the launch of our Discord server, and has already invited hundreds of people to join our community. Read our interview with Paras, where he shares all the ins and outs of his work as a Discord collaboration manager, as well as his personal perspective on the market.

Hello, we are excited to talk to you. Tell us about yourself.

Thanks for having me. My name is Paras, I am 19 y.o., and I live in India. I work as a collaboration manager and a moderator. Playing golf is a real passion and hobby of mine, yet it does cost a pretty penny, so I need to work hard to pay the bills.

How did you start working in the crypto industry?

I began researching the prospects of working on the Internet when I was in high school, and, eventually, came across crypto.

Tell us more details about your work.

Nowadays, I work strictly on crypto and NFT projects on Discord, so I don’t have any other side hustles. Sometimes I manage to earn quite a lot. For instance, once I made $280 in a week off collaborations. A couple of weeks ago I came across your Twitter page and decided to get your NFT pass to join the SergisDAO community on Discord, and, the rest is history.

What are the key challenges of your profession?

The main problem here is the absence of any guarantees and safeguards. Basically, projects often shut down overnight or simply scam their managers and moderators by refusing to pay them. Good projects do not need as many employees and the competition for positions there is intense. So, getting a job is difficult. I write directly to Discord admins and use tickets, usually, only one person in fifty replies to my messages.

What are your impressions of working with SergisDAO?

It is incredible that I became one of the first people members of this community. I made $134 in my first week working with SergisDAO.

I focus on collaborations and complete tasks, which are available practically to everyone who has a SergisDAO NFT Pass. I want to continue working with SergisDAO, because I am tired of projects that constantly change contract terms or avoid paying money whatsoever. SergisDAO is different because it is fair and it fulfills all of the promises it makes, which is amazing.

What is your relationship with crypto?

Well, I don’t invest in it, because, currently, I don’t have enough resources to do it, but I follow the industry news closely. I think I will definitely start investing in cryptocurrency in the future. Given my extensive experience of working with all sorts of projects, I will easily find trustworthy ones and will steer clear of scams.

We want to thank Paras for agreeing to talk to us on short notice.

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