An Interview with Rast, Head of SergisDAO P2E Guild

The P2E Guild is one of the proudest possessions of SergisDAO. Today, dozens of our community members actively participate in gaming alliances, win battles, and earn rewards. Rast, the Head of the Guild, is the man who has played a major role in getting our Guild to where it currently is. Here is a new interview with Rast, where he offers a behind-the-scenes look at the Guild.

Hello, Rast! There is so much we want to talk to you about, but let us start with Drunk Robots. What are your thoughts on the alliance’s performance in the game? Are there any plans for the future?

I like our development in Drunk Robots so far. We have identified the steps to strengthen and expand our presence there so that we can approach the Gang Wars fully prepared and gain as many rewards as possible. Doing so will also increase the Guild and players’ earnings in the game. We are boosting the accounts with good equipment for those players who do not miss daily activities. Now that we can control the activity of each player, hopefully, we will be able to deliver even better results.

Our Guild also has an alliance in Thetan Arena. How are things going there?

Regarding Thetan Arena, it was decided to increase control of the players’ participation in battles and performance by analyzing their wins and losses. We will keep the best players in the game and will provide them with legendary characters. This will have a positive impact on our advancement in the ranking, players’ earnings, and the popularity of our Guild.

Perhaps, the most widely discussed game in our community is Cryptobots. Do you have any insights to share about it?

At the moment, Cryptobots yields us the largest rewards, which attracts many community members to this alliance. This is why only the best players from Thetan Arena and Drunk Robots get a spot on the Cryptobots roster. We are also expanding our Cryptobots alliance, and currently, we have two new additions: and Stephen0.

The game is presently hosting a guild competition. What’s more, our opponents who are currently ahead of us have reduced their activity in the game, hoping that we will not be able to catch up with them, but they are wrong.

Could you tell us a little bit about the Guild’s future?

We are continuously looking for new projects and are waiting for suggestions from the community. Everyone can propose a project by filling out a form in the Guild News channel on Discord.

I think that soon we will increase our involvement in the projects in which we already participate and join new ones, where we can earn more rewards.

We are developing at a fast pace. We have already been rated by Cryptobots and Drunk Robots as one of the best guilds for gamers.

I am certain that we will continue to progress just as fast and make some noise in the P2E movement.

If you are excited to become a member of the Guild and start earning by playing P2E games, then join SergisDAO on Discord:

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