Battle Mechanics in SergisDAO RPG

We are counting the last remaining days before the launch of SergisDAO RPG. So, it is the perfect time to tell every member of our community about the battle system used in the game. You can also read our article containing the .

Characters’ attributes

Before diving into battle mechanics, we need to explore character attributes which are an essential part of the gameplay. Each character has a set of attributes which include Attack, Health (HP), Defense, Strength, and Agility.

Attack refers to the damage dealt by the character. This attribute shows how many HP and Defense points the character can remove from their opponent. The Attack stat grows every time the player upgrades their weapon items. The Attack stat decreases, neither during battle, nor after it.

Health is the number of health points the character has. The Health stat increases every time the player gets a new level. The Health stat must be refilled using potions after every battle.

Defense is the extra protection layer that extends the Health of the character. This statistic depends on the total score of the armor items of the player. The Defense stat gets refilled automatically after every battle.

Please note! The Health and Defense stats form one total score. When a character suffers some damage, the Defense points get removed first.

Strength refers to the number of attacks a given character can undertake during a battle. The Strength stat must be refilled using potions after every battle.

None of the attributes can be refilled during battles. Yet, players can utilize special perks such as potions to boost one or several attributes before one upcoming battle.


Agility is the total score of the NFT items worn by the player’s character. It is a stat that determines which player has the first say in a battle. Basically, the player with the higher Agility score gets to make the first move. One agility point is assigned to players for every 1000 NFT score points.

Battle basics

The gameplay of our RPG is quite simple and intuitive, but it is important to take into account every aspect of it. Players are offered to execute one of three actions: Attack, Block, or Counterattack.


When you attack your opponent, you inflict some damage on him. The damage amount dealt is determined by multiplying the basic Attack attribute stat (defined by the character’s weapon NFT score) by a random number (between 0 and 10) generated by a bot each turn. So, if the random number is 0, the damage will obviously be 0.


When a player is attacked, they can choose to either counterattack or defend themselves by blocking the attack of the opponent.

When a player chooses to block, their Defense attribute becomes the key element.

During the block, a random number gets generated which is then multiplied by the basic Defense stat of the character to produce the total Defense score.

So, if your character’s basic Defense stat is 4 while the random number is 10, their total Defense score goes to 40.

Defense is the first attribute to absorb the damage. So, once Defense drops down to 0, Health points get removed next.


In the case of a counterattack, the defending player suffers guaranteed damage by the opponent, while their basic Defense score remains the same. In other words, their Defense score does not get a potential boost through a random number generation. The damage inflicted by the enemy will be first absorbed by your Defense score (the basic score, not multiplied by a random number) and the rest of the damage will shave off your Health points.

Nevertheless, after suffering the opponent’s attack, they get to deal damage themselves during the same turn.

The amount of damage they give equals their basic Attack stat (i.e., the Attack attribute multiplied by 1), so it does not get multiplied by a random number and does not get a possible boost. In other words, if you decide to counterattack, the damage you deal will equal the basic Attack score of your character (defined by the weapon NFT score).

When you counterattack, the damage you deal gets absorbed directly by your opponent’s Health points, circumventing their Defense stat. Thus, your counterattack may be deadly even if your enemy still has some Defense points left.

An example of a battle process

Let’s give an example of how a standard battle works.

A warrior and a wizard enter a battle.

The warrior’s stats:

Attack: 10

Defense: 70

Health: 6

Strength: 3

The wizard’s stats are:

Attack: 7

Defense: 50

Health: 5

Strength: 5

The wizard attacks first since his Agility score (the total score of his item NFTs) is greater than that of the warrior.

The wizard gets a random number between 0 and 10. In this turn, the wizard gets 10, so the damage he deals will be 70 (The basic Attack stat: 7; is multiplied by the randomly generated number: 10).

Next, the warrior decides whether to go for a counterattack or to defend himself.

In this turn, he chooses the latter. Subsequently, his basic Defense stat gets multiplied by a random number (e.g., 10). As a result, his total Defense score becomes 60. The wizard’s 70-point-attack shaves off 60 Defense points and 10 Health points of the warrior.

Now, it is the warrior’s turn to attack.

The random number given to the warrior this time is 2. So, the damage he deals becomes 20.

The wizard decides to counterattack, instead of defending himself.

The wizard suffers the damage causing him to lose 5 Defense points and 15 Health points, he has a total of 40 Health points remaining.

Next, the wizard counterattacks and carries out a 7-point-damage attack (defined by the basic Attack stat of the wizard) to the opponent, leaving him with 53 Health points.

Now, it is the wizard’s turn to attack again and the battle continues until one of the characters loses all of their Health points or until both of the players run out of Strength points.

XP in battles

The player’s XP stat increases after a win against another player or an NPC. Subsequently, the stat goes down when you lose a battle.

The winner gets the same amount of XP as the defeated player loses only if the two players have the same level or the winner has a level which is lower than that of the loser.

When a player of a higher level defeats a player of a lower level, they get only one-half of the points lost by the vanquished.

Every difference in one level divides the amount of points for the win by 2. So, when a 3-level player defeats a 1-level player they get only 2.5 points for their win, despite the fact that the loser sheds 10 points.

After losing XP, players can restore it using a special potion which is allowed only once a day.


We hope you are now as excited as we are about this RPG which is coming in October. Join our DAO on Discord to be among the first people to play this game:

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