Discord AMA Recap: September 14

On September 14, SergisDAO held its first AMA session with the team of the project, during which many relevant questions and topics were covered. Alexa, Our Acquisition Lead, acted as a presenter, and she was later joined by Daniel, Head of Community Department. Together, they shared insights into the project, tasks, and plans.

Here are the main takeaways


Tasks are the key element of SergisDAO and they provide genuine opportunities for making money within the community.

SergisDAO is run by Sergis Agency, an established marketing company that has dozens of clients across different segments of the crypto industry. We feature two types of tasks. First, there are the ones that promote SergisDAO’s partners and our own initiatives. Secondly, there are paid tasks supplied by Sergis Agency’s commercial clients, which will always be available to the members of the SergisDAO community, letting them make some cash without much hassle. For instance, SergisDAO has already successfully completed a collaboration with Yoshi by boosting their Discord server.

Tasks, however, will not be limited to RT+Like+Comment and will involve more diverse activities, as the community grows larger and more popular.

Rewards for completed tasks

There is no limit to how much money members can earn from tasks. They can increase their Discord level by gaining XP and, thus, get access to more tasks. Although currently, all tasks are available at the first level, in the future, the highest-paying ones will gradually be allocated only to the top-tier members.

Last week, each member could be paid as much as $60, and almost twice as much if they used two accounts simultaneously. The five most proactive members of the community were appointed collaboration managers, and they now make between $50 and $180 per week by inviting other projects to partner with us.

More than 100 people have already started to perform tasks. SergisDAO has been paying performers regularly for two weeks in a row!

Soon, we will need more collaboration managers, so don’t hesitate to gain more XP to be able to make money with us.

Additionally, as the list of our partners grows larger, our members will get exclusive access to white lists, ICOs, and IDOs of different promising projects.

Remember that we are a DAO community, so everyone has a right to earn here as equals!

The SergisDAO NFT Pass

Alexa and Daniel reiterated the essential sources of utility of SergisDAO NFT Passes:

1. They give early access to the DAO (Later, new users will need to pay a fee to get membership);

2. NFT Passes let members gain Discord XP;

3. They allow them to complete tasks and be paid for them;

4. As the community accumulates more members and value, the first-collection NFTs will become real collectibles;

5. NFT Passes enable members to offer ideas and influence the project’s development.

Two weeks ago, only 20 people had our NFT Passes, today, over 400 passes have been distributed.

The first collection of NFT Passes (the current one) is free. Yet, once all of the 1111 NFT Passes are distributed among our members, the entrance to the community will be closed to new members. So, to access SergisDAO’s server, the people, who failed to obtain a free pass from the first collection, will need to purchase NFT Passes from the following collections (starting from the second), which will cost money.

Every member who managed to get an NFT Pass from the first collection will be assigned the special OG role, giving them several privileges. For instance, OGs will be able to talk to the community’s founder, Sergis, and share their ideas with him or simply have a casual chat about any topic of their choice. Please note that to have the ability to talk to the founder, you will also need to hold the lonemusk Discord role, which you can attain by earning XP.

New NFT Collections and the RPG game

SergisDAO will also make an announcement and will share a sneak peek of the upcoming collection of NFTs, which will be used both as passes and items in our RPG game.

We are open to hearing your recommendations concerning new NFT collections. So, everyone can post their ideas on Discord. The authors of the best ideas will be rewarded.

Members also will be able to buy and sell their NFTs to generate profit or put together collections and thus get prizes for completing them. The built-in mechanics will stimulate the growth in the value of NFTs. Yet, at the end of the day, prices of NFTs will depend more on members’ activity and the overall utility of the DAO for partner projects and Sergis Agency’s clients.

Blockchains used by SergisDAO

We still have not decided which blockchain to use for releasing NFTs and conducting other operations. Currently, we are considering all of the pros and cons of these three options: Polygon, Ethereum, and Solana. The question concerning the blockchain will be put to a vote this week in the Discord community, so you will be able to express your opinion on the matter.

The Basic idea behind SergisDAO and future plans

SergisDAO is not chasing market trends and is not affected by the situation at any given moment. Instead, we use the utility and practical benefits provided by blockchain technology to build a strong community with a robust internal economy, which is not subject to external influences.

The creators only lay the basic groundwork, which consists of three components. The first one is tasks that allow members to make real money. The second component is the RPG game that will enable users not only to have fun playing it, but also to accumulate assets that possess value and then, once again, monetize them. Finally, the third component will be the NFT collections, which will be created in partnership with major artists as well as community members. These NFTs will have value underpinned by their in-game utility and other aspects such as rarity.

Apart from these components, the future direction of SergisDAO will be decided by its members. Essentially, any further development will depend more on the people who hold NFTs and SRGS tokens and participate in the server activities. SergisDAO’s creators are very much counting on you to take an active part in the advancement of the project. If the community considers a certain initiative or direction worthwhile, we will certainly implement it as part of SergisDAO or as an independent project.


Thus, in a nutshell, the AMA session helped people to understand the fundamental principles of the project. Specifically, SergisDAO guarantees everyone a right to earn cash and incentivizes members to actively participate in community efforts. The higher the utility of SergisDAO and the more partners we have, the more money members will be able to make.

Join SergisDAO’s Discord to become a part of our one-of-a-kind community: https://discord.gg/sergis



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