First Look at SergisDAO’s RPG

As previously announced, SergisDAO is working hard on the upcoming RPG which is set to be launched in the next month. The game will be the highlight of our community and will serve to bring more members together, providing them with quality entertainment and opportunities to earn some money. We are excited to share with you some insights into the mechanics of our incredible title.

The Gameplay of the SergisDAO RPG

The RPG will have a fantasy setting taking after many of its predecessors such as Dungeon and Dragons and World of Warcraft. Owing to the tradition, players will be offered a chance to choose among four different character classes: Warlocks, Warriors, Rogues, and Bards. Once you pick your avatar (to do it, you will need to get our NFT Pass), the fun begins.

Players will be absolutely free to engage in whatever activities they deem worth performing. Nevertheless, the key feature of the game will be, of course, PvP battles. The particular way in which you participate in these battles is up to you to decide. This means that you can vanquish enemies alone or form a squad together with your buddies and scare the hell out of the players on the server. The crazier your ideas are the better.

Moreover, every player will be given XP for their wins. This incentivizes users to build strong alliances and wage bloody wars against one another to generate more valuable XP.

Bots, wallets, and NFTs

Since the RPG will exist exclusively on our Discord server, it will be governed entirely by a system of bots which, in turn, will handle users’ wallets and NFTs.

The player’s character profile will be linked to their crypto wallet, containing all of their items in the form of NFTs. These NFT items will include armor parts and weapons which will vary across the four aforementioned classes. The NFTs will be released as part of collections and will have three levels of rarity. Users will be able to freely trade their NFTs, thus earning extra cash, or collect them, getting access to exclusive perks of our community.

The bot will let players craft potions and improve their stats using different perks and boosters.


Players will perform their battle activities in turns by sending messages via a Discord bot. The messages represent the three different actions that players can perform during battles.

They can:

· Attack, dealing damage to the opponent;

· Block, stopping the opponent from harming them;

· Counterattack, suffering damage, but quickly retaliating during the same turn.

The player whose character becomes the first to lose all of their Health points (XP) concedes, while the player whose character withstands attacks and survives wins and gets the points of the opponent.


A short introduction to our game does not cover all aspects of the RPG, but in the near future, we will share some more details with our community. Join our Discord server to be the first to discover news about SergisDAO’s RPG:



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