Heroes of Cryptavern: Items

has a diverse gameplay featuring multiple elements, and in-game items are one of those. Players will get to own these special items and use them to enhance their characters. Let’s give a detailed account of the item mechanics in .

All of the in-game items constitute NFTs released as part of regular collections. There are two groups of items in the game, the ones with a tiered system and regular ones. The armor and weapons of the characters belong to the first group, while the second group only includes potions. Items of both groups are purchased or crafted (in the case of potions) to upgrade characters’ stats. Each item of the first group has three variations depending on its rarity: Common, Rare, and Legendary. Legendary items offer a higher increase in your character’s stats, compared to the Rare and the Common ones.

Basically, items directly affect the likelihood of your character winning battles.

Let’s now explore the items of both groups in Heroes of Cryptavern.


Every class has its unique three-item armor consisting of headgear, bodyarmor, and shoes. The armor of every class boosts their Strength stat.


Wizards: Wizard’s Staff.

Warriors: Sword and Shield.

Rogues: Dagger and Rope.

Bards: Guitar.


Every class can craft special potions by sacrificing their daily ability.

Wizards create in the next battle.

Warriors create for the next battle.

Rogues create .

Bards create .

Each day, the potion undergoes a different preparation procedure:

Day 1: Collecting ingredients.

Day 2: Brewing.

Day 3: Pouring into a container.

Players can either sell the potion to other players or use it themselves.

The in-game item system is sure to bring more fun to the game and offer more flexibility when it comes to character customization. Join SergisDAO’s Discord to get an exclusive chance to play Heroes of Cryptavern: https://discord.gg/yNsxYb4zka

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