Heroes of Cryptavern Sneak Peek: Warrior’s Suit

What do you imagine a Warrior to look like? The chances are you are now thinking of shining armor and gothic gauntlets. While this does fit in with the classic image of a Warrior, this is not how Warriors in the Cryptavern prefer to dress. Check out their outfit by taking a look at the Warrior’s Suit NFT Card.

That is right, our Warriors wear suits, as they provide a more relaxed fit. The standard metal armor is too heavy and simply uncomfortable to wear. Subsequently, Warriors had to come up with a uniform that would be less bulky. The Suit is made of advanced materials that were designed and enchanted by the wisest Wizards of the Kingdom. Thus, the Warrior’s Suit offers proper protection on par with the strongest steel-reinforced bodyarmor.

The Warrior’s Suit NFT Card carries some interesting Easter eggs referencing the crypto industry. Try to guess them and let the entire community know on our Discord: https://discord.gg/sergis

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