Heroes of Cryptavern Sneak Peek: Wizard’s Cape

Not all heroes wear capes, but Wizards in do. They think they look cool in their crimson Capes and they sure have a point. Yet, apart from scoring high on the fashion meter, the Cape also serves the purpose of helping Wizards cast their spells effectively. Check out the Wizard’s Cape NFT card.

The Cape works by forming a protective shell around the body of the Wizard. Essentially, it fends off the hard-hitting attacks of enemies. It also acts as a shield against the disruptions to the energy field of Wizards making it impenetrable and enabling the characters to use their magic abilities consistently and without problems. The Cape is also a fancy piece that will look good in any person’s NFT collection.

The Wizard’s Cape NFT card contains several cryptic messages and references to the world of crypto. Leave your guesses on our Discord: https://discord.gg/sergis

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