How to Swap $IS on Uniswap

Thanks to the fact that $IS has recently moved to Polygon, we have been able to list it on the largest DEX in the world, Uniswap. Are you excited to swap your Polygon $IS for $USDT? Here is a guide on how you can do it on Uniswap.

1. Go to.

2. Switch to the Polygon network.

3. Open your MetaMask, choose the Polygon network and press “Import tokens” to add $IS to your MetaMask.

4. Paste the $IS contract address (0xaa79e2cA2cB679A4Cb4D06Ecb311B83909497fFE) and click “Add custom token.”

5. MetaMask will now display your $IS balance even if it equals 0 $IS.

6. Return to the Uniswap tab and press “Connect” in the top right corner to connect your wallet containing $IS address.

7. Confirm your connection.

8. Click the down arrow in the center to adjust the way you want to swap tokens ($IS → $USDT or $USDT → $IS).

9. Press “Select token” and type in “IS” or enter the IS token address to add $IS to the swap: 0xaa79e2cA2cB679A4Cb4D06Ecb311B83909497fFE

10. Choose $USDT from the list of currencies.

11. Specify the $IS sum you want to swap and conduct the transaction. Make sure that you have some MATIC to pay for the transaction fee.

12. Congratulations, you have successfully swapped your tokens.

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