Inspirational Graphic Design Trends of 2022/2023: SergisDAO Head of Design’s Insights

Violetta, Head of Design Department at SergisDAO, shares her list of the most promising design trends of 2022 and 2023.

The digital world is constantly developing, which also affects design. Many elements of graphic and web design that used to look modern and fresh a year ago no longer attract the attention of consumers since they have been replaced by novel trends. No company or individual entrepreneur wants to lose clients because of the poor and obsolete design of their websites and social media. So, it is crucial that you do your due diligence when it comes to design.

This is why, in this article, we take a look at the past half of 2022 and try to discover what design trends will be relevant in the next year. Let’s figure it out.

Wide fonts

In 2022, headlines and titles written in wide, horizontally stretched letters are becoming more common. The trend implies the use of trendy sans-serif fonts with bold capital letters. This technique is suitable for short words and phrases. Examples include fonts such as Neutro and Vlaenella Bold.

Images over words

Placing an image on top of letters is widely employed by magazine designers. This technique is often used on titles of different publications. The trend has migrated to the web environment. It looks like a game with the viewer, inviting them to recognize the brand only by the font style rather than by its name written in letters.

Return to the ’90s and ‘00s

Images that people have known for many years automatically give them a sense of nostalgia. Previously, designers were fond of the 80s era, but these days, the 90s are making a comeback. The retro period begins a new life, which designers can make great use of to attract audiences.

For the modern generation, the “retro” style may seem completely new, but definitely attention-grabbing.

The next retro trend is the aesthetics of the 2000s. At that time there were many technological breakthroughs, and the period itself is often complemented by neon color, CD textures, and other similar attributes.

Letters without fill with stroke

Typography with letters without fill is widely used in advertising, the web environment, and magazines. The technique is used with bold sans-serif fonts with capital letters. Designers can also create contrast and hierarchy by using a single font and putting words with and without fill side by side. This is a simple method that, when applied in a suitable place or situation, looks very stylish.


If the main belief of minimalism is “less means more”, then in the case of maximalism — “only more or nothing at all”. Maximalism incorporates many contradictory design trends, such as anti-design, brutalism, and organized chaos. It involves the creation of large-scale, bold visual effects that overwhelm, oversaturate, and overexcite the senses.

Simplified logos

More and more companies, in order to attract a new clientele and not to lose the old one, are transforming their appearance. This means that companies get rid of unnecessary details in the logo and move away from the old trends of elaborate detailing. Simply put, the development of a “lightweight” logo is a way to breathe new life into an existing brand.

Faded gradients

Quiet gradients are one of the trends that are taking the world of graphic design by storm. Featuring an airy appearance, soft pastel tones, and grainy textures, these gradients are used everywhere — from presentation design to branding and social media posts — thanks to their visually pleasing aesthetics.

Psychedelic graphics

The world is rapidly running away from perfect forms and combinations. The psychedelic trend first appeared in the 1960s and has since become immortal. This trend can be traced in design and cinematography. It is a cool throwback to the 60s.

Experimental typography

This trend implies experimenting with kerning, combining fonts, and reducing readability. Designers try out new approaches to composition, play with letter positioning, and give an unusual look to their works. Nowadays, typography is becoming a fresh and modern art form.


It is bright and bold and it has no hierarchy and gradients. The shadows and details here are taken out of context. The slogan of this trend is: “We urgently go beyond the usual!” In this direction, it is important to get away from traditional aesthetics and produce art that perfectionists will not appreciate.


The quirks of graphic design for 2022 may seem pretty random in general. There is no doubt that these distinctive design trends, which range from anti-design to candy colors, will dominate in the near future.

It will be exciting to see how the world’s designers will work in 2023 to create incredible art.

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