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SergisDAO Guild began its journey a little over a month ago but has already achieved exceptional results. Currently, we have alliances in three P2E titles and a roster consisting of dozens of players. Our Guild yields impressive weekly profits while providing generous incentives to members. In order to continue expanding our Guild, we have decided to offer investment opportunities to people willing to share their playable NFTs with us. Here is how you can become a SergisDAO P2E Guild investor.

At SergisDAO Guild, we are interested in growing our presence in these three games: Cryptobots, Thetan Arena, and Drunk Robots. Subsequently, we invite people who own playable NFTs used in these games to invest them in our Guild. When you give us your NFT, we will send you our tokens in the amount which is equivalent to the price of your NFT. In return for investing your NFTs, you will receive 75% of the total reward amount generated by this NFT. Still, the earnings of your NFT will ultimately depend on its value and rarity.

If you want to get your NFT back, we are ready to make the exchange at any moment. Alternatively, you can sell your NFT to us entirely. In this case, we will pay you an agreed sum and will keep your NFT forever.

Example of Your Investor Path

You invest in one robot that has a price of $70. Our alliance manages to earn about 4 $OIL ($1) per day using this robot. Thus, your daily profit will be 3 $OIL.

The is buying a pack of robots. Say you invest in a pack of three robots worth $200 to $250 in total and then lease them to us. Our Guild uses this pack to earn from 10 $OIL to 20 $OIL per day, which is approximately $2.5 to $5. Therefore, your daily earnings will be between $3 and $4.

You invest in one regular robot from Drunk Robots which costs $10 (4500 $METAL) and then lease it to us. This robot yields about 1200 $METAL ($2.1) in two weeks. Thus, your total earnings will be 900 $METAL ($1.6).

Investing with SergisDAO P2E Guild is a sure way to get a stable source of passive income. Join SergisDAO and invest your NFTs:

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