Join SergisDAO Guild to Play & Earn Off Drunk Robots

SergisDAO Guild is alive and kicking, getting new players on board every day. This week, we are finally ready to set sail on a new gaming adventure as our Guild will have its own alliance in Drunk Robots, a popular Play2Earn game that has already attracted thousands of players.

About Drunk Robots

is a P2E game deployed on the BNB Smart Chain that provides a good balance of entertainment and opportunities for making profit. It lets players earn $METAL, the utility token of the project, which is required for shopping, energy recovery, missions, etc. All rewards for successfully completing in-game activities are also paid in $METAL. Drunk Robots’ has several game modes such as Drunk Race and Mini-Game that are extremely fun and rewarding.

How to Join SergisDAO’s Drunk Robots Alliance

Every person in the SergisDAO community now has a chance to join our Guild and be drafted in to play Drunk Robots and get rewards for it. To put it simply, our Guild members will be given free robots and will play the game, having fun and generating profit. Don’t hesitate, the alliance will start operating on October 13.

If participating in PvP battles and crushing enemies sound like fun to you, we welcome you to apply for membership in our Guild. Introduce yourself in the #newbies channel in the SergisGuild segment of our Server to get on the Drunk Robots Alliance team:

Or use these links:



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