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The Sergis NFT Marketplace is all about turning your passion for collecting NFTs into a profitable venture. This is why the platform features an advanced system of rewards that allows you to claim a share of each NFT collection’s prize pool by simply holding NFTs in your wallet. Let’s uncover the mechanics that will take you to that sweet profit on the Sergis NFT Marketplace.

It’s all about your Rating

The key to snapping up the largest prize pool reward is achieving the highest Rating on the leaderboard. The two factors that contribute to your Rating are the Rarity and Serial Number of each NFT. There are three levels of Rarity: Rare, Common, and Legendary. As for the Serial Number — the lower it is, the better. The user with the highest Rating always gets the largest share of the pool.

Path to profit

Now that you understand the significance of the Rating stat, let’s explore the essential steps you need to take to claim your IS tokens.

Step 1: Choose an active collection

The Marketplace releases a fresh NFT collection every new season. The time when you can compete for a share of each collection’s prize pool is limited by the timeframe of its respective season. Therefore, you should always choose the most recent collection if you want to benefit from its prize pool.

Step 2.1: Buy those Mystery Packs

Once you locate the collection, you will need to invest in it to be eligible for a slice of its prize pool. Here, you can either purchase Mystery Packs or buy NFTs from the current collection on the secondary market.

Going for Mystery Packs lets you get a much better deal, as you are guaranteed to receive 3 NFTs per pack. What’s more, Mystery Packs are the only way to get NFTs from a new collection early and, thus, potentially have a better chance to get the rarest and most expensive ones that will send your rating through the roof.

Step 2.2: Or look for sweet deals on the secondary market

The secondary market (the marketplace section on the website) is where you can discover NFTs from the current collection at great prices. This is an excellent way to find real gems that can significantly boost your Rating and let you get a better spot on the leaderboard.

Step 3: Wait until the season is over

Once you are satisfied with your rating and position on the leaderboard, you can put your feet up and wait for the current season’s end. Each season lasts approximately 30 days.

Step 4: Grab your $IS fortune

With the end of each season comes the ability to claim your prize pool share. To do so, you simply need to go to the current leaderboard, find your name on it, and click “Claim.” Note that when you claim your IS reward, you automatically exchange your NFTs from the current collection for IS tokens. You can then convert your IS to another currency, including stablecoins.

With the Sergis NFT Marketplace, you can double your initial investment. Try it right now:



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