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At SergisDAO, we have a great track record of delivering high-utility products that benefit not only the members of our community but all crypto industry stakeholders. Out of all projects we plan on releasing in 2023, the NFT Marketplace has a place of its own. It is the most innovation-driven product of SergisDAO so far, as it incorporates a long list of one-of-a-kind features that ultimately make it the most convenient and versatile solution on the market.

NFT Packs with Unlimited Capacity

There are hundreds of projects these days that utilize loot boxes and mystery packs containing NFTs. Yet, most NFT marketplaces do not offer the option of creating such NFT pack collections, while those that do tend to impose a limit on the number of NFTs per pack and overall have a poor UI.

For instance, OpenSea stands out amongst the known projects on the market, offering the ability to mint an NFT collection by putting the cards into packs. Yet, the issue is that it allows only one NFT per pack. We are pioneering the industry by now offering the ability to pack or box an unlimited number of NFTs.

NFT Rarity Levels and Randomized Packs

Users will have the ability to assign a rarity level to the NFTs in the collection. Up to five rarity levels per collection will be available. Additionally, users will have a chance to enable randomization. The system will randomly add a predetermined number of cards from the existing pool to each pack in the collection.

You will also be able to set the share of the cards of each rarity level per collection. In other words, you can specify the probability of getting a card of this or that rarity level in a pack. For example, you can create a pack or a box where users will have an 80% chance of getting a Common NFT, a 15% chance of getting a Rare NFT, and a 5% chance of getting a Legendary one.

Numbered Cards

Users of the SergisDAO NFT Marketplace will need to give unique numbers to all cards in the collection. The unique number is another rarity parameter that determines the value of the card. The lower the card’s number, the rarer it is. To put it another way, the Legendary card with serial number 1 is the most valuable, followed by the Legendary card #2, and so on.

Value-Creating Lottery Mechanics

The key distinction of our NFT marketplace from other platforms lies in the two indicators of rarity — assigned rarity and serial number — that create the value of a specific NFT. All proceeds from the initial sale of the NFT collection go to the collectors’ pool. Collectors, in their turn, are incentivized to put together the most comprehensive and diverse collection of rare NFTs available, in order to be eligible for a portion of the reward pool that is disbursed on a monthly basis.

The creator of the collection and the platform make money only on fees from the primary sale and secondary market transactions.

Open to Everyone

The most exciting thing about the SergisDAO NFT Marketplace is that it will make it possible for any person to create an NFT collection from scratch or using the cards they already have in their wallet. It does not matter whether the NFTs you have are from completely different collections. You can mix them and create a new project featuring the existing NFTs. The sky’s the limit here.

Have your NFTs turned into garbage? Give them a new life by using the lottery mechanics of our NFT Marketplace. What’s more, the whole process will not take more than 10 minutes. You will simply need to upload your NFTs and specify the number of them per pack.

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