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Delivering exceptional services allows us to work with the most exciting Web3 projects on the market. Azarium is one of the latest additions to Sergis Agency’s client portfolio and we are extremely proud of this collaboration. Read the interview, where Sergis Timofejevs, CEO of Sergis Agency, shares his thoughts on the partnership.

Could you explain what Azarium is?

Azarium is a platform that connects investors with real estate developers, allowing both sides to benefit from collaborative efforts. It democratizes real estate investing by utilizing blockchain technology. Azarium’s in-house team performs thorough market research to uncover promising under-construction real estate projects with considerable profit potential. Following that, users are invited to participate in these investments by acquiring non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which represent their ownership share in the property.

What impacted the agency’s decision to begin working with Azarium?

Our team was keen on partnering with Azarium because it was the first non-crypto project in our portfolio. We enjoy a good challenge and Azarium offered us a perfect opportunity to try something new. Although Azarium does make use of blockchain and NFTs, it still fits the description of a classic Web 2.0 project.

We were also intrigued by the goals Azarium had outlined to achieve success. Specifically, the Azarium team made it clear that they were employing NFTs as a means of:

- Expanding the investor base;

- Simplifying the transfer of ownership;

- Streamlining all the operations to a few clicks in the application, including KYC, transfers, conversion of fiat, etc.;

- Solving the problem of trust.

What has Sergis Agency already completed as part of your work with Azarium?

We have participated in the project from its initial stage. We were able to assist the team with concept development and the integration of blockchain technology. We also actively contributed to the process of creating the Azarium application.

We helped with the project’s brand book by creating the logo and social media design. In the case of Azarium, we provide a comprehensive package of services, showcasing the effectiveness of our in-house approach to collaborations.

At what stage is the project currently?

The project is several months in development and we are currently at the community creation stage on Telegram. This cooperation is pioneering in terms of the social networks we are employing to promote the project, as we do not utilize Discord, which is second to none when it comes to Web3 projects. This is due to the fact that our main priority is to grow an investor base on the Azarium app, where users will have their own individual accounts.

What are the challenges you are facing right now and what is your primary short-term objective?

We are aware of several bottlenecks that must be overcome in order to achieve our goals. For instance, on the one hand, Telegram offers a wide range of convenient features that we recognize and appreciate, yet, on the other hand, its popularity is limited to certain countries such as India, the Philippines, Brazil, and the CIS region. This poses a challenge, as our objective right now is attracting small and medium capital investors from Europe and North America. Sorting out this dilemma will be the key objective for us in the upcoming months.

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