Sergis Agency x SPEXY: Building Engagement in a P2E Community


Sergis Agency provides services to clients from different sectors of the Web3 industry. SPEXY is one of our recent clients and the world’s first project which fuses together move-to-earn and learn-to-earn mechanics to deliver a next-gen game that will go on to become the next big thing in the crypto world. Here is an interview with Sergis Agency’s CEO, Sergis Timofejevs, about the agency’s partnership with SPEXY.

What made you interested in working with SPEXY and participating in the development of the product and its community?

The main thing about the project, which stood out to me the most and actually sparked my interest, was the unique selling proposition of SPEXY. It successfully introduced a combination of P2E mechanics and a thought-out referral program, featuring gamification components that ultimately turned the process of creating a multi-level referral system into an exciting experience. I was instantly sold on the concept and agreed to partner with SPEXY.

What was the primary aim, as well as the objectives that guided Sergis Agency’s efforts while working with SPEXY?

Our team was tasked with building an active community ahead of the launch of SPEXY’s Closed Beta testing. As for the objectives, they included attracting the target audience (P2E gamers), as well as creating and demonstrating the value of the product to motivate the audience to download the app.

Out of all the challenges you faced when working on the project, which ones were the most persistent?

The current bear market and the depressed mood of the crypto community remain a considerable issue for all projects, which operate in the Web3 realm in one way or another. At the same time, in the case of SPEXY, the situation was even more complicated due to SPEXY not being a crypto project in the first place, at least, at the current stage. It is a centralized application, which, in addition, is not available to the public as a standalone app, but rather is integrated with the A4 wallet. Although SPEXY has a plan of eventually launching its own metaverse and thus becoming a crypto/NFT project in the future, our challenge was to get the target audience to start playing SPEXY now.

Share some of the details of how Sergis Agency approaches the aforementioned aim and objectives.

We selected Discord as the central platform for the community, due to its established reputation as a hub for international gamers. This helped us to actively cooperate with gaming guilds on Discord. Additionally, after the start of the Closed Beta testing, we launched the UGC mechanism to foster organic growth of the community by encouraging new members to become early adopters and utilizing word-of-mouth marketing through the engagement of the existing community members. Throughout our collaboration with SPEXY, we used multiple techniques to reach our objectives, and most of them yielded positive results.

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