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CryptoBots is the first Play-to-Earn game in history whose initial collection of NFT collectibles was launched in 2017. The project introduced innovative mechanics, bringing real ownership to the gaming realm. Sergis Digital played a crucial role in the game’s promotion and sale of its 2022 playable NFT collection.

Key Takeaways

We focused on a shilling strategy combining media buying, collaborations with influencers, and Twitter raids.

The entire 10,000-item collection was sold, yielding $4.6 million in profit.

Partnership Period and Aim

The agency’s partnership with CryptoBots began in 2021 and lasted for 6 months. In its inventory, the project initially had its genesis NFT collection, which was released in 2017, and holders owning the original NFTs. The strategic objective was to revive CryptoBots and make it a fully functioning game powered by a new collection of playable NFTs. Our role was to ensure that the project received the attention it deserved from investors, allowing it to sell its entire collection and eventually launch its own mainnet release in 2022. All of the aforementioned goals were achieved. A plan of action and the time required to carry it out were decided in advance, which became a crucial driver of success here.

Partnership Format

The agency utilized its major competitive advantage of having an in-house involvement in the project. Our founder acted as the CMO of CryptoBots, combining the efforts of Cryptobots’ creative and community departments with those of Sergis Digital’s media buying experts.

Services Provided by the Agency

Sergis Digital was tasked with handling six main areas of the project:

1. Marketing and content plan creation;

2. Collaboration with influencers and guilds (influencer management);

3. Media buying;

4. Shilling;

5. Community raids

6. Delivering the sale of the collection.

The Case Details

The agency began working on CryptoBots in nearly to the end of November 2021. The agency relied on its in-house team of professionals together with CryptoBots’ creative and community departments. The key objective was to establish the project’s presence on social media and promote it among the maximum number of users and later sell the entire collection of 10,000 NFTs.

The Key Performance Indicators included:

1. Setting up and growing the Discord community to 50,000 members;

2. Discord community engagement of at least 25%;

3. Sale of the 100% of Mint Passes and get as many applications for it as possible ;

4. Sale of at least 80% of the NFT collection.


The shilling strategy was a vital part of the action plan. It focused on smart media buying, influencer collaborations, and carefully planned Twitter raids became the key growth driver for the project.

Thanks to the efforts of the agency, CryptoBots was promoted by notable NFT sensations such as Crypto Skulls. Specifically, by closely following the current trends in the crypto sphere, it was discovered that Crypto Skulls was on the rise. By employing raids involving community members and influence marketing, we managed to get Crypto Skulls to notice CryptoBots. The agency got Leonidas.eth, a famous NFT aficionado and a member of the Crypto Skulls team, to pay attention to CryptoBots and mention the project in his Twitter account without offering him any financial incentives. After his discovery of CryptoBots, Leonidas.eth put the project on his Definitive Timeline of Early NFTs on Ethereum. The exposure gained through this strategy yielded a considerable inflow of new buyers of the CryptoBots’ NFTs

Another type of collaboration concerned working with an established crypto guild. These included Merit Circle, Crypto Gaming United, and Tuzanye Game Guild, which invested their community funds in purchasing the CryptoBots NFTs.

The other techniques which we used:

· Developing all of the marketing channels and platforms, from Facebook to Medium. Conducting extensive work to educate users on how to play the game and start profiting off it;

· Collaborations with the brand’s own (internal) influencers, such as the holders of the first collection of NFTs released in 2017;

· Leveraging media buying (around $20 000 per month);


The agency’s work enabled CryptoBots to sell the entire collection of its NFTs which included 10,000 items. The total proceeds earned by the project from the sale were $4.6 million. At some point, the collection’s sales shot up by 58000% in 24 hours, which landed the project on the list of OpenSea’s top-selling NFTs, where it occupied the 57th place.


The partnership with CryptoBots was a highly successful undertaking, which allowed our client to meet its strategic goal, while providing us with another excellent business case. To reiterate, the long-term nature of the collaboration was the primary factor behind the success here and the sole reason why the company was able to launch its mainnet.

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