SergisDAO AMA Recap: February 15


The start of the year has brought numerous changes to the SergisDAO community. On February 15, Sergis, the head of SergisDAO, and Viki, a community manager, hosted an AMA session to discuss all of these updates, including the release of the Sergis NFT Marketplace. Here is a recap:

$IS Swap Is Temporarily out of Service

The IS token swap that is set up on Uniswap is currently not working due to an issue which occurred a couple of weeks ago. Essentially, the smart contract ran out of USDT and caused the exchanger to stop functioning. Although right now SergisDAO is ready to fix the problem, Uniswap is not allowing us to add USDT to the pool. Still, we plan to resolve the situation in the near future. If our efforts fail, we will simply move our swap to another platform.

$IS Holders Can Buy NFTs on the Sergis NFT Marketplace

$IS holders have an exclusive opportunity to exchange their tokens for awesome NFTs at The Sergis NFT Marketplace is a platform where you can buy NFT packs that contain three one-of-a-kind NFTs of three different rarity levels: Common, Rare, and Legendary. By collecting these NFTs, you can make it to the Top Collectors leaderboard and get an opportunity to win your share of the collection’s $IS prize pool. The coolest thing about it is that you can buy a $10-dollar pack and win a $60-dollar allocation. The pool has over 12,465 IS tokens, which is approximately 312 USDT. The prize pool is constantly expanding, as every sale of an NFT pack contributes to its growth.

New Tasks

Due to the fact that Sergis Agency currently does not have as many clients interested in the services that can be outsourced to the Freelance Marketplace, the number of available tasks remains low. However, it is likely that in the near future, the Freelance Marketplace will once again begin listing multiple tasks for our community.

The P2E Gaming Guild

The SergisDAO team has decided to close the P2E Gaming Guild due to the current market stagnation and depreciation of in-game tokens of most of the projects. Basically, P2E games currently do not offer any opportunities for making any meaningful profit.

SergisDAO Plans

SergisDAO will now focus primarily on the Sergis NFT Marketplace. The upcoming crypto spring will have a positive effect on the industry, attracting tons of liquidity. This rise will help our Marketplace to succeed and secure a major share of the market.

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