SergisDAO AMA Recap: January 11


On January 11, we held an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session to discuss the recently-launched Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Marketplace, the first product of SergisDAO in the year 2023. Our hosts shared their perspectives on the platform and let our members learn more about the innovative technology behind this marketplace. For those who missed the event, here is a brief recap.

About the Potential of SergisDAO’s NFT Marketplace

SergisDAO’s NFT Marketplace stands out as a pioneering product, delivering a host of exclusive advantages that set it apart from other NFT solutions.

The NFT Marketplace’s Most Unique Feature

The majority of NFT marketplaces lack the capability to generate NFT pack collections; those that do generally place a limit on the number of NFTs per pack and their user interface is often subpar. OpenSea stands apart from other NFT projects by providing the ability to craft collections in packs. But it allows you to place only one NFT in a pack. At the moment, we are the first in our industry to offer the capability of bundling up to three NFTs in a single pack. We anticipate that this number may increase to five in the near future.

Mechanics of the NFT Marketplace

In the case of our NFT Marketplace, the focus will be on the creators of collections. Initially, SergisDAO will generate the opening collections. In the future, however, we will enable anyone to construct their own collections and gain profit from their sales. When constructing a collection, users will be able to determine the quantity of original cards, the amount of packs or boxes within the collection, and the total number of cards. Additionally, you will be able to set the number of rarity levels and other important stuff.

NFT Card Numbers

Users of the SergisDAO NFT Marketplace will need to assign each card a distinct numerical identifier. This number serves as another measure of the card’s rarity, where the lower the numerical value, the higher the card’s value. Put simply, a Common card with the number 1 may be more sought-after on the secondary market than a Rare card with the number 1000. It is critical to comprehend this distinction. Therefore, the distinguishing feature of our NFT Marketplace from other platforms is the two indicators of rarity.

Reward Pool

All revenue generated from the initial sale of the collection shall be allocated to the collectors’ reward fund. This accumulated pool shall be distributed to the top collectors on a monthly basis. In an effort to gain a portion of the reward, collectors will actively search the secondary market for cards they need to claim a portion of the reward pool.

The First Collection on the NFT Marketplace

This week marked the launch of our first collection of 22 unique cards. It is a significant event for the entire community. At present, everyone is able to purchase their NFTs from the collection.

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