SergisDAO AMA Session Recap: November 23

Everyone in our community knows that AMA sessions always bring exciting news. This week’s event was not an exception, as our hosts Sergis and Alexa shared amazing insights on SergisDAO’s NFT Pass II, Discord server structure changes, and the role of $SRGS. Here are the key takeaways:

2nd NFT Pass Price and Advantages

The NFT Pass collection will contain four passes with varying prices. The lowest-tier Rogue Pass will cost 1.111 $MATIC, while the top-tier Wizard Pass will cost 4.444 $MATIC. The type of the pass will determine the size of the reward the owner will get for completing freelance tasks, guild participation, and other activities. Basically, the top-tier Pass holders will be eligible for 100% of the reward, while the low-tier pass owners will receive only 25% of the reward. Users will be free to sell their 2nd NFT Pass on the secondary market.

Future of the 1st NFT Pass and Its Holders

The first NFT Pass remains active, meaning that it is not going to expire. In fact, every owner of the first NFT Pass will be given the OG role in the community. The holders of the NFT Pass I will be eligible for receiving the same perks as the top-tier NFT Pass II holders. Essentially, they will continue to have access to all channels on the Discord server and will retain the ability to earn the maximum rewards at all times.

Discord Server Changes

Recently, the SergisDAO server has undergone a reorganization, the purpose of which was to make the entire structure more convenient and user-friendly. More information on the reorganization will be available once the 2nd NFT Pass is released.

SRGS Token

$SRGS is the governance token of SergisDAO. This means that every $SRGS holder will have a say in the community via a special voting system. The more SRGS tokens you have, the larger your weight in the DAO and the more significant your impact on the future of the community. Basically, SRGS owners will be allowed to vote on different initiatives and matters. Anyone will be able to purchase $SRGS (1 $SRGS = 1 $USDT) or be rewarded with it for engaging in activities that help to grow SergisDAO and expand it, for instance, by attracting new project partners.

Educational Content

In the near future, SergisDAO will launch its educational branch that will provide members with educational content and materials on a variety of Web 3 topics, while letting them profit from it.

Tasks and Task Rewards

SergisDAO is working hard on closing deals with new partners, therefore, expect to see more tasks appear on the Freelance Marketplace. The growth in the number of tasks will also imply an increase in the weekly rewards of our members. Additionally, users can get the task hero role on Discord and get up to 25% more rewards.

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