SergisDAO AMA Session Recap: November 30

AMA sessions have become a bit of a weekly tradition for our community. It is an event that brings together the heads and members of the community to discuss the most relevant issues, concerns, and news of the DAO. This Wednesday, Sergis and Alexa held another AMA session and covered a long list of topics concerning SergisDAO. Here are the key takeaways:

Release of Whitepaper 2.0

We have finally published the second iteration of our Whitepaper. The decision to publish a revised version of the document was motivated by the recent changes in the community, including our switch to the Polygon blockchain. Another important revision made to the initial plans of the DAO which is reflected in the new Whitepaper is the removal of the private and community sale rounds for $IS. This is done in order to avoid centralization and ensure that we stick to the principles of a decentralized-autonomous organization. features the most up-to-date information on SergisDAO. You can familiarize yourself with it at any moment.

The role of $SRGS in SergisDAO

$SRGS is SergisDAO’s governance token. Therefore, it is used as a means of DAO management. For instance, it provides holders with voting rights in the community. By accumulating more SRGS tokens, holders can increase their number of votes and overall weight in the community, thus, receiving a viable chance to influence the development of the project. Voting also plays a major role in the DAO’s economy. $SRGS holders get to decide on how to distribute the community’s treasury. .

All the money earned by SergisDAO from selling $SRGS gets reinvested in the community’s projects such as the Freelance Marketplace and the P2E Game Guild.

$SRGS holders are considered full-fledged investors in SergisDAO and, therefore, are eligible for their share of the profits earned by the organization. Additional information on the matter will be released in the coming weeks.

Any member of the community can accumulate SRGS governance tokens in their wallet, thereby increasing the number of votes and their weight in the community. Each $SRGS token grants its user one community vote.

$SRGS price

The price of $SRGS set by SergisDAO is stable and constitutes $1. At the same time, holders can sell their $SRGS on the secondary market for any agreed price. SergisDAO does not maintain any liquidity for $SRGS and is not able to exchange users’ $SRGS for any other currency on its official swap.

Earning $SRGS

Anyone wishing to gain $SRGS can do so by not only but also by earning it. SergisDAO rewards members with $SRGS for all kinds of efforts benefiting the community. For instance, one can receive $SRGS for asking valuable questions during AMA sessions or inviting new commercial partners to work with SergisDAO.

$IS vs. $SRGS

The fundamental difference between the two tokens of SergisDAO lies in their functionality. $IS acts as a reward currency paid to members for completing freelance tasks and being active in the Guild. $SRGS, in its turn, is used for participating in the community decision-making process.

Plans on listing $IS on launchpads and exchanges

SergisDAO currently has no plans of listing $IS on additional exchanges or selling it via an IDO on launchpads. Still, once the community grows larger and expands its project portfolio, providing $IS with more use cases, the option of listing the token will be considered.

Join SergisDAO to earn $IS and $SRGS by actively participating in the community:

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