SergisDAO Discord Role Changes

SergisDAO’s community on Discord has been going strong for almost 5 months now. Over this period, we have experienced impressive growth and have managed to build a spectacular community. Today, it is time to open a new chapter in the history of SergisDAO. The release of the NFT Pass II has propelled us to reorganize the structure of our Discord server and introduce a number of changes concerning the server roles.

The New Roles

The NFT Pass II collection contains Passes that will allow new users to join the SergisDAO community. Unlike the First NFT Pass collection, this time there are four different types of Passes available for purchase (). Each Pass type will grant its holder a corresponding role in the community: Rogue, Bard, Warrior, or Wizard. These new roles will replace the four old ones, namely: CryptoSaylor, LoneMask, Satoshishun, and Buterin.

Keep in mind that even though all four roles/passes open access to all channels, the main difference among them is in the level of earnings.

The Role of the NFT Pass I Holders

Each community member who has an NFT Pass from the first collection, will be automatically assigned the OG role. This role will provide them with the same perks as the ones given to all holders of the top-tier Wizard NFT Pass from the second collection, as well as extra bonuses free of charge. Basically, the OG members will retain complete access to all channels and will continue to receive the max reward for all activities in the community.

, via the collabland bot on our server, and start making profit right away:

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