SergisDAO Guild x Drunk Robots

This Monday, that SergisDAO Guild was ready to venture into the world of by establishing its own alliance in the game. We are excited to report that we have successfully finished all the preparations and this Thursday, our players will begin their Drunk Robots journey. Discover the details of our alliance below.

Drunk Robots Alliance Team

Every member of the community had a chance to apply for a Guild membership and join our Drunk Robots team. We want to thank everyone who wrote their messages in the #newbies channel. Thanks to your activity, we had a large pool of players to choose from. After careful consideration, we have drafted our first team of gamers who will represent our Guild and will form our Drunk Robots alliance. Please, welcome our brave Drunk Robots operators:

If you have missed this opportunity, do not get upset, since next week we will launch our alliance in CryptoBots and you still have a chance to join our team there. So, head to the #newbies channel on our Discord and write your message.

Our Drunk Robots collection and its cost

SergisDAO Guild has spent over $1,000 on our Drunk Robots collection and we expect that our alliance will be able to not only quickly recoup these community’s expenses, but also start generating profits which will benefit every member of our DAO in no time. At the same time, given what we received in return for $1,000, we can certainly say that we got a lot of bang for the buck. Specifically, all selected alliance players will get two Common, one Rare, and one Loot Box Drunk Robot. Additionally, everyone will have three clothing items.

SergisDAO Guild is growing every day and we are constantly looking for talented players. Join our Discord server to become our Guild member and earn money by playing P2E titles:

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