SergisDAO RPG Sneak Peek: The Cup Card

Our work on the RPG is in full swing and we are once again ready to share with you some insights. Last week, we presented the first Playable NFT Card from the RPG collection, . Today, we reveal the second card that we hope you will love even more than the previous one. Please welcome The Cup!

The Cup card belongs to the character class of Warlocks. Specifically, the cup depicted in the image is a vessel that contains a potion crafted by Warlocks. In the game, Warlocks will create a potion increasing the Defense stat by 3 points in the next battle. .

If you do not play games, you will still be able to benefit from this and other NFT Cards by either purchasing them at a low cost and then selling at a profit, or by becoming a Top NFT Card Collector and getting a share of SRGS tokens for it.

As always, we have integrated a plethora of crypto-industry-inspired easter eggs into the image, so we ask you to share your thoughts on what references are present in the picture.

Join SergisDAO’s server to discover new NFT Cards and play our RPG which will be launched in October:



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