SergisDAO Space Recap: February 1


On Wednesday, SergisDAO’s founder Sergis hosted another insight-packed Twitter Space session. The conversation revolved around the new servers created for the NFT Marketplace and the P2E Gaming Guild. Those interested can access the recording of the session via Twitter. Here is a written recap of the discussion.

About the NFT Marketplace

The NFT Marketplace by SergisDAO is a one-of-a-kind platform for creating and trading NFTs. It possesses a whole slew of unique features that ultimately make it stand out from the competition. For instance, the marketplace provides users with the ability to place several NFTs into one Mystery Pack/Box (a container with a random selection of NFTs). Another key feature of the platform is the use of lottery mechanics. Each collection accumulates a pool of rewards stemming from the sale of Mystery Packs. In fact, 80% of each sale goes to the pool. The funds in the pool then get redistributed among the top collectors with the highest collector’s score, which is calculated based on the type of NFTs in their possession. The platform has the RANKINGS section, which displays the current leaderboard of top collectors.

Creation of the Two Additional Servers

In order to accommodate the different audiences of the NFT Marketplace, the P2E Gaming Guild, and the Freelance Marketplace, SergisDAO determined that it was necessary to create two additional Discord servers. The decision was based on the need for each project to have its own space. As a result, the two new servers were established. What’s more, the diversification of the SergisDAO ecosystem can contribute to the emergence of better prospects for promotion and gaining extra funding from investors for all three products.

About the P2E Gaming Guild

The P2E Gaming Guild channels on the SergisDAO Discord server top the charts in terms of the number of messages. This shows that members of the community are extremely involved in the project, which once again influenced the decision to create a separate server for the Guild. The new server will not have any barriers to entry such as NFT Passes, which can potentially serve to attract more users interested in P2E gaming, as well as investors.

About the Guild’s Plans

The Guild is currently focusing on maximizing the benefits from the current roster of games in which it has a presence. This means that for now, the project is not planning to invest in any new titles due to the overall market slowdown. Yet, once the crypto winter ends, the Gaming Guild will be certain to go full force on new and current P2E projects, pouring additional investments into them.

About the Freelance Marketplace

As for the Freelance Marketplace, another major product of SergisDAO, it will remain on the main server. Such an arrangement will allow us to promote it more openly and show all of the advantages of the Freelance Marketplace to both users and investors.

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