SergisDAO Space Recap: January 25


This Wednesday, Alexa and Sergis hosted a Twitter Space, where they talked about the SRGS token and its role in the SergisDAO community. It was a truly insightful event. If you weren’t able to tune in, here’s a quick recap of what went down!

The SRGS token basics

$SRGS is the governance token of SergisDAO. Just like any governance token, $SRGS lets SergisDAO maintain decentralization, enabling the entire community to make decisions while keeping the needs of users and the organization in mind. SergisDAO plans on introducing community voting that will make use of $SRGS. For instance, SRGS token holders will have a chance to select ideas for new NFT collections to be featured on the SergisDAO Marketplace. Another possible scenario for using $SRGS as a means of voting is choosing a charity initiative, so the members can decide where SergisDAO should donate its funds from the Liquidity Treasury of the community.

$SRGS and Voting Power

Gathering more SRGS tokens can give you a bigger say in how the project is run. It also can open up more opportunities to get involved in the DAO’s economy. Each token equals one vote. Having more votes means having a bigger influence and the ability to make a real difference.

Ways to Get $SRGS

If you are looking to get your hands on some $SRGS, there are two main ways to do it. You can either buy it or earn it through SergisDAO. We reward members with $SRGS for all sorts of activities that benefit the community. For instance, if you participate in AMA sessions by asking great questions or invite new business partners to collaborate with SergisDAO, you can earn $SRGS.

Investment Opportunities

$SRGS also offers incredible investment opportunities. The P2E Gaming Guild of SergisDAO already has a slew of individuals who invested their money in the organization through the SRGS token and now receive an impressive return on their investment. In the case of SergisDAO, SRGS token holders have the opportunity to benefit from the successes of the project by receiving a portion of the revenue we generate by investing in promising projects early.

$SRGS Locking

SRGS token holders will get a chance to lock their tokens to get more power. Let’s say two people possess the same amount of SRGS tokens. One of them decides to lock their tokens for two years. This will double their voting power. For instance, by locking 10 SRGS tokens, they will have the capacity to cast 20 votes.

Make sure to join us for a Twitter Space next week. Meanwhile, become a SergisDAO member and get your $SRGS:

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