SergisDAO Twitter: A Week in Review

Apart from our incredible Discord community, we have an equally amazing Twitter page. We regularly post exclusive content there, so make sure to follow it to be the first to discover our giveaways and other activities, letting you earn real money.

In this newsletter, you will get information about all the important tweets made by SergisDAO each week. So, without further ado, let’s get to it:

We got our first influencer

Crypto Bri became the first influencer who received our NFT Pass and joined the SergisDAO community on Discord. Check out the video she made for us:

Bri’s NFT is number 101, and given that the total supply of our unique token is 1111, you still have a good chance to get your hands on one. Follow Bri to our fun community, where you will be able to learn all the insides of the crypto industry and earn actual money by completing various tasks.

We coined a new word

By now, it seems like everyone has seen that photo of Vitalik Buterin nonchalantly proving to haters that he is truly one well-endowed individual. The whole situation inspired us to create the word “Butering.’ Find out what it means here:

Our PRG game announcement

We also treated our Twitter followers to some details about the upcoming RPG game from SergisDAO. Read about the mechanics of the upcoming title in our thread:

A 20k milestone on Twitter

This week, the SergisDAO Twitter page reached a total number of 20 thousand followers and counting:

Don’t hesitate and join our Twitter community, too.

Discovering new Web 3.0 terms

SergisDAO is adopting the key principles of Web 3.0, therefore, it is crucial that our community members are familiar with the basic concepts in this sphere. Find out more about Semantic Web here:

A 550USDC bounty campaign from SergisDAO.

At SergisDAO, we know that generosity always pays off. So, we decided to conduct a bounty campaign among our social media followers, allowing them to win real USDC coins. The campaign will last until September 22 which means you still have time to participate in it. Learn more details:

Our community of blockchain buffs is rapidly expanding each day. Don’t miss a chance to jump on our Discover server, where you will find hundreds of like-minded people, entertaining activities, educational materials, and opportunities for earning money doing work for us:



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