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Our community has been intended to act as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) from the very start. This is exactly why we have put the word DAO into our name. Currently, we are preparing to make the first crucial step toward making our community self-governing by introducing the SRGS Token. Are you excited to learn more about it? Check out this short overview.

What is $SRGS?

$SRGS is the governance token of the SergisDAO community. As with any other governance token, $SRGS will grant its holders called Custodian a unique ability to influence the way SergisDAO is run. In other words, every $SRGS Custodian will have a chance to vote on a wide range of initiatives, projects, decisions, and activities of SergisDAO. The voting rules are quite simple. The number of SRGS tokens a holder has in their wallet equals the number of votes they can cast for a particular proposition. The more $SRGS you have, the larger your weight in the DAO. In some sense, SRGS token Custodians will act as full-fledged members of the core team, having an equal say in all matters concerning the development of the community.

It is essential to note that $SRGS is different from the IS token, another asset used by SergisDAO. $IS acts as a utility token, which is utilized as a means of reward payments and so on, while $SRGS acts as an asset that offers opportunities for partaking in SergisDAO’s decision-making process. . One of the greatest privileges that $SRGS holders have is the distribution of income derived from the six SergisDAO areas of operation among community members.

How Can I Get $SRGS?

$SRGS will be available for purchase at a stable price of $1. There are no limits as to how much $SRGS one can own. The SRGS token will not be backed by liquidity because it is solely a voting token. Yet, it can always be sold by its holder on the secondary market to other users. Alternatively, SergisDAO community members will have a chance to earn $SRGS. In order to do it, they need to contribute to the growth of the community, for instance, by inviting new partners. Thus, members will be rewarded with $SRGS for all kinds of activities aimed at the development of SergisDAO.

Here is a guide on how you can buy SRGS tokens with $USDT on the Polygon network to become a $SRGS Custodian.

1. First, you will need to add $SRGS to your MetaMask. Open your MetaMask, choose the Polygon network and press “Import tokens” to add $SRGS to your MetaMask.

2. In the “Custom token” tab, paste the $SRGS contract address (0xa33EF7F983371E6f678670D1Aa1e8009b8B156EC).Wait a couple of seconds for the network to retrieve the Token symbol and Token decimal and click “Add custom token.”

3. MetaMask will now display your $SRGS balance even if you do not have any $SRGS yet.

4. In order to purchase some $SRGS, you will need to have $USDT in your wallet, as well as some $MATIC to pay for the transaction.

5. Next, go to https://bit.ly/buysrgs and connect your MetaMask wallet.

6. Specify the number of $SRGS you want to mint and click “Mint.”

7. Confirm your permission to access your $USDT balance.

8. Confirm your gas fee payment.

9. Return to your MetaMask account and check your $SRGS balance. Congratulations on purchasing your $SRGS!

All $SRGS holders can become Custodians. The role of the Custodian gives you an exclusive right to participate in the SergisDAO governance. In order to begin acting as a true $SRGS Custodian, you will need to:

  1. Join SergisDAO’s Discord server.
  2. Go to the #collabland-join channel.
  3. Connect your wallet containing $SRGS.
  4. Congratulations on becoming a proud $SRGS Custodian!

Get yourself some $SRGS to leave your imprint on the SergisDAO community: https://discord.gg/sergis

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