The Second Edition NFT Pass Is LIVE

We have been waiting for this for weeks and now it is finally here. Ladies and gentlemen, put your sunglasses on because what we are about to reveal may actually blind you with all of its shining glory. We present to you the Second SergisDAO NFT Pass.

Why We Are Releasing the NFT Pass II

With this move, we permanently close the free entrance to our home. From now on, new users will need to either get an exclusive invitation or pay money for membership. We do this not for profit, but as a token of gratitude for our current community members’ efforts, who have made this success possible together with us.

Do you want to earn with SergisDAO? We are happy to welcome you, as there is enough work for everyone.

NFT Pass II Types and Prices

The Second NFT Pass collection consists of four types of passes. Specifically, there are Rogue, Bard, Warrior, and Wizard Passes. Each Pass type corresponds to the respective role given to the holder in the community. Essentially, if you own the Rogue Pass, you will be assigned the Rogue role on SergisDAO’s Discord. Note that the Wizard role is the highest.

The Pass type in your possession will determine the percentage of the reward you will receive for completing different community activities such as performing tasks on the Freelance Marketplace or P2E Games Guild. Subsequently, the cost of each pass type will be different. Here is how much each type of pass costs and will allow you to earn:

Rogue (1.111 $MATIC): 25% of the maximum reward.

Bard (2.222 $MATIC): 50% of the maximum reward.

Warrior (3.333 $MATIC): 75% of the maximum reward.

Wizard (4.444 $MATIC): 100% of the maximum reward.

The holders of the OG role receive the same perks as the owners of the Wizard pass, as well as additional bonuses for free.

NFT Pass II Benefits

Here are the exclusive rights granted to all NFT Pass 2 holders.

– Access to paid tasks. Average weekly income: up to $100.

– Access to P2E Game Guild. Average weekly income: up to $50.

– An opportunity to become a SergisDAO Ambassador. Average monthly income till $300.

– Early access to educational content.

Where to Get the NFT Pass II

We can see how excited you are about the new Pass. Here is how you can buy your pass:

1. Go to

2. Pick your Pass: Rogue, Bard, Warrior, or Wizard.

3. Add it to your cart and then pay for it with $MATIC.

4. Once you have your Pass, open the SergisDAO Discord and go to the #collabland-join channel.

5. Follow the instructions in the channel and connect your wallet containing the Pass via the collabland bot.

Once you are done, you will be able to access all the perks that come along with your pass:

Or use these links:



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