Value of Collaboration Managers: SergisDAO Collaboration Team Lead’s View

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In this article, our Collaboration Team Lead, Daniil, explains the basic mechanics and benefits of collaboration management.

At SergisDAO, we believe that a strong team of collaboration managers can be a real asset to the community. Collaboration managers allow P2E, DeFi, and crypto projects in general to attract relevant audiences.

What do collaboration managers do?

A manager finds a crypto-themed Discord server and makes a deal with them to share information about our projects on each other’s servers. In other words, the collab manager creates a message about the collaboration partner’s Discord on our server, while the partner does the same thing on their server.

The Discord message may be accompanied by an airdrop. For instance, 5 random members of the community we collaborate with may receive NFTs or a WL-spot if they register on our server.

The entire process is free for both parties. The message about the partner project is usually posted in special channels: #collabs, #giveaways. The collaboration manager gets $1–5 for making the entire thing happen.

What are the benefits of collaborations?

Audience generated as part of collaborations has the best quality and includes members of NFT-communities and P2E gamers.

In a week, a team of collab managers can:

  • Get, on average, 2000 real people to visit your server at a price of 1$ per click (without bots counted).
  • Distribute your WL spots/NFTs on 100–150 relevant servers;
  • Simultaneously, look for potential collaboration partners for AMA sessions by sending invitations to various servers.

When you conduct a collaboration, it is impossible to tell which partner server will yield best results. Basically, it is like investing in a stock market index — even if several companies end up performing poorly, there will always be multiple strong cases that will ultimately bring you profit.

A considerable number of servers utilize regular collaborations. Yet, there is also an option of an occasional collaboration campaign lasting a few days as a way to draw people’s attention to a certain event on the server.

Nevertheless, it is vital to work with professionals because when you hire 5 to 20 collaboration managers, each of them represents your brand and impacts the impression of it of people and communities and their members.

If you are interested in our collaboration management services, you can contact us at:

An example of a collaboration managers’ activities

SergisDAO extensively uses the services of collaboration managers and generously pays for their efforts. For instance, last week, 6 collab managers got 651 people to join our community ($0.77 per person).


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